What’s on your summer book bucket list?

In this day and age, the community of book readers is slowly but steadily declining as technology advances and consumes most of our attention and time. But taking the time to read – whether it’s a novel, the newspaper, a magazine, or an encyclopedia – can help keep our mind fresh and our intellect on point.

Now that nature is flourishing, we are starting to indulge in more activities outside, such as running, soccer, and tennis. But this list can still include reading, if you want it to. Our brains  are already fried from the scorching summer sun, so it is important that we still give our minds some internal exercise. There are hammocks that can be set up, rivers to lounge by, and even some hidden tree houses that can be explored in your nearby woods. All of these locations are great places to settle down in, turn off the phone, and embark in a new wordy adventure.

But sometimes its hard to find time away from work, summer school, or family to take a personal trip to the library. Especially if the library has three floors , it could take up to an hour to find something your interested in reading. Then there is the return process as well. You have to constantly remind yourself when the books are due back, or else those meager overdue book fines can add up. In my own childhood library, I probably have about twenty dollars worth of fines that I haven’t paid (good thing I don’t live there anymore).

Regardless, time is always of the essence. Though, technology has been decreasing the amount of old-fashioned enjoyments, one of its reasons for being developed is to aid us in the long run. Assistance within our busy lifestyles can be easily found by accessing the sharing marketplace through our phones or other technological gadgets. With apps developed specifically to help out the community, you can find someone willing to deliver library books straight to you. Its like having your own personal librarian, but the only time you need is the time you make for reading.

To find someone to do your book finding for you, you can try posting a job opening on NearJobs, saying something along the lines of “Need someone to pick out and delivery books to me.” Once you start talking to a potential book deliverer, you can explain the different genres you like to read, and in what specific medium.  Once he or she understands your tastes, you can set up one day a week where they will bring you a book, and return the old one for you. You’ll never have to worry about overdue fines again. Each week you can have your personal librarian surprise you with a new book with a guarantee that you’ll love. Romance, historical, fantasy, dystopian, non-fiction; the genre is completely up to you.  Start checking off books on your summer book bucket list with a little help of technology!