If there’s one thing most university students have (hopefully) finally mastered after years of slaving away in school, it’s knowing how to study.  But what you might not have realized is that some younger students, especially those in elementary school, are not so lucky. And yes, I use the term “lucky” very, very loosely. While university students have had twelve or more years to hone their skills and learn how to tackle readings and assignments with as little pain as possible, it can be really overwhelming for younger kids, and you’d be surprised how huge the demand is for good tutors. Parents are always looking for someone to help their child understand those math problems (math tutors, college tutors, you just need to know more than the person you are helping) that they themselves probably haven’t looked at in 30 years – and that’s where you come in. And Luckily, you’re a little more in touch with the student life than they are, and you could make a huge impact on some kids’ lives by taking a couple hours a week to tutor them. Essentially by teaching yourself how to learn you have most of the basics for becoming a tutor covered, offering your skills and knowledge base to another person – some tutors even have specialties that are as unique as “cpm homework help”.


As much as I’m sure we’d all like to do things like these out of the goodness of our hearts, the reality is that for many university students, budgets can be pretty tight.  Sure there are “free online math tutors” out there but as we all know “free” often isn’t all its cracked up to be.  There is good news though: tutoring can be extremely lucrative without being too time-consuming.  The best part is that if you work as a private tutor – even specifically a math or English or science tutor, pick an area you know well – you can set your wages and schedule yourself. Although it depends on your level of experience, the average tutor in Canada makes around $18/hour. With an hourly wage like that, say goodbye to having to spend 20 hours a week bagging groceries!  It’s time to become a skills tutor!


Aside from being a great way to earn money, tutoring can also be really fulfilling.  Take it from someone who has tutored for years: it’s super rewarding to see a sweet young student go from nearly failing to passing with flying colours, all thanks to your help. And if working with young kids isn’t your thing, fear not! Many high school and university students are also in need of tutoring services. Just look over your transcript, figure out what classes you aced, and find someone who needs help in that subject area. Guaranteed they’ll be eternally grateful for your help!  There are many people who can achieve higher grades and focus with your help – you might just need to pass on some of your studying and thought processing skills to your peers or those in years below you.  4th years remember what it was like to be a 1st year and can give them advice even beyond the books.


So how exactly do you get yourself a tutoring job? The Internet is your best friend in times like these. Take advantage of apps like Nearjobs to effortlessly find local people (elementary, high school, and university/college aged students) in need of your services. Make a profile for yourself listing what subjects and grade levels you are capable of tutoring, post your skills on NearJobs, and let the offers come flooding in for people looking for tutoring help! Alternatively, you can look for tutoring jobs posted on the app by others and contact them yourself. What a quick and easy way to make some extra cash while doing some good helping others!