Do you have some spare time around the house, and are you looking for some easy ways to make some extra dough? All you need is a specific set of skills. Most people (probably including you) don’t know about the hidden skills that they have just waiting to be put to good use. Well, let me help you out! Here is a top ten list of jobs that really ANYONE would be able to do, as long as they have the working hands and legs that can move.

FYI If you click on one of the job titles below, it will bring you to a link explaining what exactly the job could entail. It will either inform you about how you can help, or describe the type of people who are looking for other people just like you!


    1. Pet Sitter:This odd job is for all of you animal lovers (or even for those who like watching videos of cats), why not make money by taking care of them? Its summer, which means that loads of families go on vacations and can’t bring their pets with them. Build up your skills of responsibility and feed, walk, and poop scoop for real cash!
    2. Personal Librarian: Hey nerds, how cool would this be? If you love books, then this would be a pretty fun summer task. You would have the power to pick out books for your employer (but later then hop on your bike and deliver it to them). Its kind of like being a personal shopper, but instead of clothes – it’s books!
    3. Handyman: If you think you can handle (no pun intended) any of the repairs shown in the article that is previously linked, then you better start posting your services within the sharing economy. After all, I would install a few light fixtures for some extra cash, wouldn’t you?
    4. Party Planner:Okay, this has to sound like the one of the funnest odd jobs ever. The themes are endless ie. pirate themes, clown themes, princess themes, murder mystery themes, summer barbeque themes, lady gaga themes etc…. Pretty much it means that you would be paid for your own natural creativity. Baby you were born this way, so flaunt it!
    5. Errand Runner:It says it all in its name. You would pretty much be at the beck and call of your employer, but here’s an idea, instead of wasting money on gas driving around, picking up, and delivering items, why not use your bike? Or you could even put the “run” into runner, and jog to each location with a good backpack on your back.
    6. Mover:Its great weather for people to move into new homes (as long as they avoid the scattered rain clouds), but that also means that they will need lots of extra help to pack boxes and load them into trucks. This is where you come in, contact the local sharing economy so that people can ask you for your biceps.
    7. Camping and Hiking Guide:Love the outdoors? Well, if you know the layout of the local trails and parks well, why not get paid for something that you enjoy doing in your free time?
    8. Personal Chef:Now the article does say that this task is more tuned for stay-at-home-moms, but if you know how to barbecue some chicken, then you can probably be a chef too! There are people who are too busy to cook for their families or host dinner parties, but if you can cook some decent meals for yourself, I’m sure other people would be happy to hire you to cook for them too.
    9. Deck Fixer: Are you good with a hammer and a power drill? I can’t even count the amount of conversations I have heard this month about people needing to fix their decks. Grab your tools and offer your services before employers hire someone else!
    10. Landscaper: Grass is in full growth now, and this rain is making those green blades spread like wildflower. Speaking of which, if you’re good at controlling wildflower, mowing grass, making stone pathways, then this is definitely the top summer odd job for you!

There you have it – the top ten odd jobs that really anyone could do. Just look a little bit deeper into your brain to find your inner knowledge, creativity, and skill set in order to get working within your neighborhood. Don’t forget to click on the links of the list to find out more about each odd job.

Happy job hunting!