Rideshare and carpool your way into some extra income!

Ridesharing saves relationships. Don’t believe us? Then take this story of Cory and Samantha. The two started dating while at University in London, ON, and they recently ran into a problem. Samantha graduated and moved to Toronto two hours away, but Cory still has a semester of school left to finish. To keep the relationship going Cory drives to Toronto to visit Samantha every weekend, but has to get back to London in time before classes start the next week. With all of this frequent driving, Cory had a bright idea – he could make some money from rideshares. Why not make the best out of this long-distance relationship?

Cory posts his weekly trips on NearJobs, allowing people to ride with him for just $20 a trip. All they have to do is place an offer on his rideshare posting, and he checks their profile before accepting them, chats with them to confirm everything, and then they are along for the ride. He’s helped students to visit their families, gotten businessmen to important meetings, and heard a variety of life stories and experiences in the process. Long rides can get lonely when there’s no one else to talk to, but luckily for Cory, there are always new interesting conversations to be had.  And for the passengers its a lot cheaper and more entertaining than taking a bus, train, or taxi service.

Considering he averages three passengers a trip, that’s $60! And since he goes both ways, it’s double that – $120 a weekend right into his bank account. Averaging around $25 on gas per trip, Cory is left with $80 of extra money every weekend to spend on dates with Samantha while in Toronto. Gone are the days of “Netflix and chill,” welcome are the weekends of concerts and Italian dinners. Cory has no plans of dropping out of school to pursue his rideshare jobs full-time, but this money he’s making on the side is a perfect way for these weekends trips to pay for themselves, and them some.

For those wanting to get more serious into a rideshare career, you can make upwards of $100,000 a year. But if you are just looking to take on a few rideshare jobs here and there, without the pain of registering for a service, NearJobs is the perfect answer. The next time you’re making a trip and could use the extra company – and extra cash – just post your job up and let the money come in.

Be alerted via the app and email instantly anytime when people in your area are looking for rides

One guy even made $252,000 a year by using rideshare services to promote his own personal business – pitching products to his passengers. While still a student, Cory has found many benefits in bouncing his entrepreneurial ideas off of his ridesharers. He has even made some contacts that will be valuable in the future. Again, this is all just because his girlfriend lives two hours away. What a way to make the best out of a bad situation!

Take a lesson from Cory and Samantha – they were able to turn the problem of their long-distance relationship into a positive and profitable one. Once Cory graduates and the two are no longer long-distance, they are even thinking about keeping up these rideshare jobs on the side. Not only is it a good way to meet interesting people and make money on the side, but also it’s fun. Consider rideshares the next time you’re making a trip, we promise you won’t regret it!

Don’t forget to take the time now to register for NearJobs, and select “ridesharing” as your specialty – by doing so you will be alerted (via the app and email) instantly anytime when people in your area are looking for rides. Or also sign up and post that you are looking for people to tag along for a ride. Either way, NearJobs will help to get you to your destination a little richer or for a better price.


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