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I was looking to throw the perfect party for my little brother’s birthday, but I really didn’t have the time, resources, or even really the know-how. I also had the responsibility of organizing a great birthday party for my nephew who was turning 8, and I was under the pressure to make it unforgettable. Even worse - both the parties fell in the same week!

My initial solution was combining the parties together. But even with shoving the parties into one giant celebration, I was really worried that I wouldn’t  get it done.

Then the next idea popped into my head, resulting in me being knighted the best brother/uncle in the world! I found a party planner, a caterer, a clown, and even a whole bouncy castle; now that’s something my nephew and my brother will never forget. Not to mention that the 5 star caterer was loved by absolutely everybody, both kids and adults. The best part was that it all took me under half an hour!

My nephew really loved the party I threw him; we had a caterer serve all of his favorite foods, gourmet burgers, chicken fingers, and bruschetta, along with some sweet surprises. You should have seen the pirate themed cake they made him!


Better yet, the whole party was pirate themed; one of his favorite themes of course. The dining table looked like a huge sailboat, the bouncy castle was more of a bouncy treasure cove, and what the kids really enjoyed was getting their own pirate costume, including eye patches!  The pirate clown was also hilarious, even for me, and I’m usually a pretty serious guy.

Can I tell you a secret though? I actually didn’t plan it by myself; I had a little extra help. Went on a new marketplace called NearJobs and found my own party planner assistant that aided me in all of my party planning blunders! I asked my relatives what they had thought, and they all said it was spectacular.

It always feels good to getting positive praise, which really encourages me to use this type of hiring tool again. I was skeptical at first, but it ended up being easy, reliable, and affordable. You can try yourself and let also me know in comments how much fun you will have in your party!