Improvise outsourcing chores to people around you

With the rise of online platforms such as Nearjobs, outsourcing chores seems to become the easiest and most efficient way to do the housework. Nearjobs connects local workers and households with the sole purpose of getting the chores done as fast as possible. The platform is still in Beta and was launched in South West Ontario. So far, it has seen a tremendous growth in user numbers and interaction – especially during the holiday season.

Are you wondering what type of tasks do people get assigned to? Most of them are pretty simple, yet demonstrate the astounding creativity of the users on the platform. We gathered a list to show you the best holiday chores listed during the festive season:

  1. Preparing Christmas dinner for a large family

It seems that cooking the Christmas dinner is far from a favourite holiday chore – especially, if we’re talking about a large family with out-of-town relatives. But it turns out that many people are more than glad to do it, even if they’re not cooking for their own families!

  1. Wrapping gifts

Most Canadians feel the tradition of wrapping gifts tedious and many consider that it requires a specific art taste. What if you can get your presents all wrapped up, without actually doing the job? Several Londoners thought the same and outsourced the chore to their more creative neighbours.

  1.  Dress up as Santa and entertain kids; and deliver some gifts as Santa

Some of the households hired their own Santa to send him off to the places, where the stockings needed to be filled. Many brought the hired Santa into their houses during the Christmas parties and celebrations. Quite different than the typical task – it seems that our users have found their way to make the holidays creative, worry-free and fun!

  1. Extra hands to decorate a Christmas tree.

The greatest thing about the NearJobs is that it allowed users to turn the holiday preparation into a fun activity, yet find some time to spend with their families. Surely the spirit of the community (and the additional free time) made the holidays worth remembering.

Deliver some gifts as Santa,


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