verticleGardeningFor all the green thumbs out there here are some great and simple gardening tips! They will make your gardens grow faster and look better, with less effort and time invested into it!

1. Beer. – it is useful for more than one thing when it comes to gardening, use it to kill pests and slugs, you could try watering your plants with beer but it isn’t recommended, and if you don’t have time to get it yourself then just get someone on the way from a nearby beer store to deliver it for you.

2. Natural Fertilizers. – Use things like left over rice water which is rich in nutrients to water the plants; it’s free fertilizer and probably on a daily basis you make it in your kitchen! Make sure to have plenty of worms in your garden too because they help keep the soil fresh.

3. Replant Well. – Replanting or relocating can often kill a plant and is quite difficult; the best way to do it is to soak the roots and new soil so they will be moist and stick together. This is difficult to do alone and it is recommended to have an extra set of hands around. If you needed a local hand on the go for your gardening, you will be better off to find that hand from close-by and quickly.

4. Vertical Gardening. – This tip is for households who love to have a big garden but just don’t have the space; make your garden vertical and grow tones more tomatoes! This may also require some help to build and install so I would recommend finding some help locally and start building some neat towers which can give your the most yield you want. All you really need is a blanket with holes cut in it and some plastic pots to hang them in. You can also use a simple netting hung up on the wall to grow vines like tomatoes.

vertical gardening_outsource it

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