We at NearJobs would like to thank you all for your support and showing faith in us as early adopters. The on-demand economy has proven to be much more needed than before, and NearJobs’ fast growth proves that the majority of grass roots including youth, households, moms, and families are more than ready to embrace it.

With you, our loyal supporters, NearJobs has climbed high up on the ladder of apps within online stores and has become a top notch app for finding odd, small, and nearby jobs.

For the record, NearJobs appears on a range from first to fourth on Google Play and the Apple App Store for odd jobs, small jobs, and nearby jobs,

We have shown our determination by delivering a solid, simple, and powerful app, connecting people with each other for their needs, and for the sake of a fast and convenient exchange of services.

Once for yourself, try searching the following keywords on Google Play and App Store and celebrate with us. Please help us to spread the word by sharing the good news with your friends.

1- Small jobs:


Nearjobs is First on Google Play and Second on iTunes

2- Odd jobs

all sort of odd jobs in your neighbourhood

Nearjobs is First on Google Play and Second on iTunes

3- Nearby jobs


Nearjobs is First on iTunes and Fourth on Google Play

This just goes to show how far reaching and still growing we are, and it is all thanks to you!

This early and fast paced growth has been amazing and we only expect it to continue as we are more determined than before to make it happen. If you haven’t tried this local marketplace of odd and small jobs yet then maybe it’s time to see what all of this fuss is about!