Hosting dinner parties can require a whole day of preparation; there is the cleaning involved in order to make your house spotless like a hotel room, the selection of a trending music playlist for the evening,  and probably the most stressful preparation duty— the cooking of an outstanding meal that will impress your guests to the max.

Would you create a theme for the evening? Tomato-saturated Italian dishes, curry-enriched Indian, flavourful Chinese stir-fry, homey Canadian pot pies, or even a blend of dishes with a taste of multiple ethnicities. Unfortunately, those culturally delicious themes can contain some extremely difficult and time consuming recipes. But hey, just because your cooking skills are not Master Chef worthy, you can still strive to make your guests salivate upon entering your home.

But what with your work-load, the layers of dust caked on your furniture, and possibly your best cooking skill involving Kraft Dinner, there is no way that you will be able to find the pride or time to invite your friends over for a hearty meal.

Option A: You could hire a caterer, but catering companies are expensive and make your party pretty mainstream, and it won’t impress your friends.

Option B: You have also definitely heard of, or at least assumed, how most celebrities and white-collars have their own personal chefs who cook fancy meals at their haughty parties, as well as give them private cooking lessons. Who’s to tell you that you can’t do the same?

There are possibly hundreds, maybe even thousands of people who live near you that have experience in cooking specialty dishes like Warm Salmon Niҁoise, Torta Rustica, or Chicken Makhani.  A lot of people in your community come from all over the world; you are bound to find someone who can cook a large meal, any type of meal you want, for you and your guests, for a very affordable price. They can come right to your home, and you could have them assist you in the preparations or give them the whole cooking load!

However, it is hard to find this kind of hidden gem of a person, unless you have met them before, or a friend has referred them to you. Placing free ads that call out for cooking help on big name websites can be sketchy, and you can never truly trust the people who respond to you.

This is where a trustworthy sharing economy comes in. There are apps available for you to browse an endless amount of people who contain exquisite cooking skills and willing to share their secret recipes with you.  You can see their ratings, reviews, cooking experience, and how far away they live from you. There could be a Master Chef right next-door, and you may not even know it!

Send out a shout-out through iPhone and Android apps like NearJobs next time you feel generous enough to host a dinner party. Who knows, you could discover or even become the next George Ramsay with a little affordable, nearby help!