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Making the trip to IKEA locations, including the after process; the assembling procedure of anything you purchased from there can be quite a mission for many. It requires hours and hours of finding the desired product, the struggle of getting the over-sized products home, making sure you have all the pieces ( try not to lose those tiny parts!). Actually being able to assemble it yourself, not to mention the final product needs to look good too. With some simple Ikea advice and finding help from a nearby handyman or skilled youth, you can make this a fun chore!

Here are some Ikea life-hacks that are sure to make your trip and buying an Ikea furniture a smooth one:

  1. Create a shopping list, know what you want for example list a sofa, dining chairs, Ikea bedroom sets, or mention sections like Ikea kitchen, Ikea bathroom,…
  2. Don’t follow those blue arrows on the floor, or you will be there forever!
  3. Check that they have what you want in stock because there’s nothing worse than a wasted trip!
  4. Stay hydrated, and check out the cafeteria if your tummy starts grumbling.
  5. Never go on a Saturday or Sunday
  6. Make sure you have measured out the space where the Ikea furniture is going onto, so that it actually fits.

One of the first things you may worry about is how to carry your product home, so here is our final piece of IKEA shopping advice. There are services which allow you to ask truck-owners, who have some spare time on their hands, to come to the rescue for much a very cheap fee. Nearjobs is the service which makes this happen with just a few clicks. You can let people in your shopping area know when you need a truck, and by simply posting your ad, these people will be alerted right away.

Nonetheless, here is an even more convenient hint! if you know exactly what you want but you don’t have the time to go to IKEA locations, then just post the job on the Nearjobs iOS or Android apps under “Running Errands”, and get some young and energetic workers to go on the mission for you!