Within communities, you can often find the help you need by networking with nearby skilled individuals. One can appreciate the sharing economies that are continuously being developed within each community, bringing people closer together for the common purpose of getting a task or chore done.

These neighborhood sharing economies are growing as the use of internet and social media leads to a state of higher inter-connectedness, paired with the increased ease in communication. The involvement between groups of people within communities can be seen through the sharing of each other’s resources, including physical labour, time and skills.

When workloads become heavy and time becomes scarce, community members resort to outsourcing. It has been said that more jobs in North America will be completed by outsourcing rather than the use of recruiting processes by 2020. The outsourcing of these small tasks such as running errands, shopping, delivery, cutting grass and so many others around your daily life results in extra time for you and your family that can be spent more productively.

Outsourcing jobs within communities will soon be as easy as looking to neighbors for assistance. Mobile applications such as NearJobs allow households and small businesses to list their needs and alert workers in the marketplace about the opportunity immediately. This technological advancement fosters an ideal outsourcing relationship.

NearJobs helps the outsourcer to get their work done fast and conveniently with their desired price, while a trusted worker makes quick cash and builds a strong rapport with members of the community, ensuring continued opportunities.

Outsourcing to local labour thrives within communities, but these opportunities are also welcoming to up and coming businesses looking to grow their business.
Becoming a constructive member of your community and being certified for what you genuinely enjoy doing is as simple as tapping your fingertips on your cellphone, a choice that allows you to be introduced into the local marketplace aiming in community members helping the community.