Offline Connection of individuals utilizing online technology

It has been noted that 40% of American workforce populace will be outsourcing and freelancing by 2020. The most recent two decades have facilitated two phenomena that have changed radically. The two phenomena include the rise of internet and social networking/media. The fantasy of global village has worked out to become true and thus individuals got to be well more connected than ever in the history of mankind. This has resulted in individuals being able to talk and meet speedier while getting their jobs accomplished more effectively. Thousands of people worldwide can hold forums and seminars at a central spot and share events instantly and in real-time as they unfold. The advent in technology does not mean that people are less forlorn. Furthermore, it does not mean that these outlets genuinely enable individuals to make friends who are with them when they require them. Social networking transformation made the world a smaller place and substantially more comfortable, yet didn’t fill the gaps completely.
In the recent past, we have watched the conception and early stages of the sharing economy, where individuals truly share their resources and assets with others whom they have never met previously. The sharing economy powers the force of the internet to unite individuals face-to-face or disconnected from the net. More genuine pals have been made by individuals crosswise over diverse nations, societies and races when they shared houses, couches or rooms with one another, when they leased auto-mobiles to local individuals, or got local people to walk their dogs. The sharing economy is placing power in the hands of individuals to become more steady financially through making a decent utilization of their unused assets and resources. It is a win-win phenomena for everyone. It was conceived right precisely amid the recession period in the year 2008 and has flourished up to now, in spite of the hardships other businesses experienced.
NearJobs as a part of the sharing economy family is presently growing at a faster rate. NearJobs connects trusted youth, unemployed individuals and a huge number of students with their neighborhood family units in need of their energy, enthusiasm, skills and abilities in return for a little payment for a service offered.
Conveying economical services to families by close-by labourers is the salient thing that makes groups of communities to grow closer and empower them to operate more effectively. Faster and less costly trade of services like mowing lawns, tutoring a course, fixing a tab, running errands and conveying merchandise is exactly what Nearjobs is promoting.
Giving hand to locals unites communities offline which will lead to an extraordinary long term relationship between both sides of the commercial market.
NearJobs presently runs on iPhone and Android gadgets and will be run as a Web application by July, 2015. NearJobs simple application spots the clients through the GPS and displays the occupations or jobs that are near to them. Workers can discover adjacent opportunities listed by individuals in their near neighbourhood, and they additionally get alerts and notifications of the opportunities that match their abilities. This makes one to become a dynamic explorer.