I love my dogs; they are a part of my family. I play with them, pet them, feed them, clean their poop, and give them the same amount of love that I would give to my brother or sister. I also obviously take them for walks whenever I can (my dogs, not my siblings).

But let’s be realistic, there have been many situations where there just wasn’t enough time in my busy work life to walk the dog 2 or 3 times a day; I know my dogs are lucky if they even get walked twice a day. I always feel really bad when I can’t give my dogs the exercise they need. After all, it is my responsibility, and I do want to encourage a healthy pet life. I also don’t like having the dog make a mess for me to clean up on the kitchen floor either… not the best of my pet memories.

Yet, no matter how hard I try, sometimes I just can’t fit the daily walks in. That’s why I am glad that I found a trustworthy and reliable person to walk my dogs. My new dog walker comes by in the mornings and in the evenings, during the days that I don’t have time. He takes my dogs on a nearby hour long walk and my puppies couldn’t be any happier. Notice that I didn’t say HOW exactly I found a dog walker? The person who walks my dog may very well be a professional, but not necessarily, because it doesn’t actually matter to me, and it shouldn’t matter to you, as long as they are great with dogs! It doesn’t take someone with a PHd in dog training to slap a leash on and walk around the neighborhood with your pet.

Check out one of the fastest growing local marketplaces, with tons of people near you ready to deploy their legs and be at your dogs command. Post a classified FREE ad saying “looking for someone to walk my dog in the mornings and evenings 3 days per week,” or something like that. I found a person messaging me with the app’s instant messaging (pretty similar and as cool as What’sApp) in a couple of minutes and got him to come in at night.

As it turns out, the person I chose to walk my beloved family members was just a student who needed some extra money. He lived right on the neighboring street and was unexpectedly a total dog guru! If you need your dog walked, visit the  NearJobs Google Play and App Store. You can choose whoever you want, be it a professional dog walker or just the student next door; the point is my puppies got their exercise and yours can too.