As much as many of us would like to believe, we are not all that handy as we think we are or hope to be when it comes to some household fixes. Often enough, some of the people that struggle the most with odd jobs and repairs, and who require a “handy” skill set to come to their aid are first time homeowners.

The demographic of first time homeowners usually falls into the age group of people in their late 20s according to Linda Nguyen’s article “Are you Average? This is what First-time Home Buyers Look Like in Canada,” published in The Globe and Mail.

First-time homeowners are sometimes lucky enough to move into a house that already has features like a pool, deck, hot tub, or other backyard leisure amenities. One of the problems that is often forgotten by excited home owners are the repairs that are faced when these backyard additions age and the know-how to properly fix the issues.

One of the backyard amenities that is often the first to need repairs are wooden decks. Although they complete your backyard oasis, they tend to fare poorly against nature’s elements over time due to the fact that they are made out of a natural material. Because of this, home owners with wood decks have often dealt with broken or rotten boards, missing screws, and re-staining. Staining can be an easy job, but many people in their 20s do not have the woodworking skills to safely and efficiently mend their deck, and they may be left with one that has become dilapidated.

The lack of knowledge regarding woodworking is not only a hassle because your deck might stay in disrepair, but not knowing how to use the proper power tools that are needed is a serious safety risk. Power tools like saws can unexpectedly cause serious injury if the user does not know how to operate it properly.

Instead of risking their safety, homeowners both new and old can look to outsourcing to solve the dilemma of deck repair. By outsourcing, not only do you save yourself time and possibly lost fingers, but you also employ community members who have the knowledge and understanding to properly service your deck.

The implementation of outsourcing benefits the local economy, as well as provides paid work to neighbours in your area, who can the allocate their wages locally, leading to growth, development, and improvements in their neighbourhood

On The Job magazine’s affiliate application NearJobs gives homeowners the opportunity to easily outsource jobs that they cannot complete to competent and trusted members. This outsourcing based relationship is a win-win scenario as the job-poster has their task done,  and the worker walks away with some extra cash in their pocket.

If you find yourself needing to outsource odd jobs or tasks that you do not have the understanding to safely and properly complete, look no further, NearJobs has the connections you need to get the job done!