Need someone to run your errands? There's an app for that

Old age is an unavoidable stage of life, where your own body starts to give out on you, even though your mind remains sharp. Simple tasks like running to the store for groceries or picking up some kibble for your cat have been rendered difficult. There would be stairs to tackle, stressful traffic, and an overload of bags to handle. You may want to hold onto your independence and pride by continuing  to juggle these errands all by yourself, but for your own health and safety, it is time that you accept the help that is already available to you.

Even if you are not a part of the elderly community, apps like NearJobs can still be of service to you when it comes to receiving aid in necessary shopping! There is an obvious convenience in having someone else do the shopping for you, and then delivering the products straight to your door.

Whether you are handicapped, infirm, busy, or simply just feeling lazy, look to the youth in your community to give your life the break that it needs. Not only are you helping yourself out, but you are also helping the sharing economy of the community.

Here is a step-by-step process of how to  hire someone to run errands for you using NearJobs:

  1. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, click on Google play for the Android app or App store for the iPhone app
  2. When on the first page and signed into the app, click on the plus sign in the top right hand corner. Then you will see a page like this.
  3. Title Your Job: Write a title for your needs such as “Need someone to Shop for”.Errand1_title
  4. Describe it: Write a detailed description including: what you want bought, when you want it delivered, and anything else you think a potential worker would need to know.
  5. Address of Task: The app will auto-locate your location, or you can write in the address that you want your products delivered to.
  6. Select Category: Select the “Delivery” or the “Running Errands” title in the drop-down menu.Errand1_shopping
  7. Add Photos: Feel free to add a photo related to the job!
  8. Cost: Write in the price your willing to pay your potential errand runner.Errand1_cost
  9. Post the job.
  10. Invite all of the local workers around you so that they become notified of your job right away.
  11. Once people start applying to it, you can assign a local worker of your choice to run your errands for you!