So you downloaded NearJobs, now what?

In order to become the go-to worker that every job poster wants to hire, you have to build a flawless reputation. People will not trust strangers right off the bat, even after the necessary small talk. They need to see that you are reliable and trustworthy. The answer to the question “How can I get hired by using or being on NearJobs?” is “Build Trust”.

When the job poster clicks on your profile this is what they currently see if you haven’t pay attention to your profile just yet.


See those red Xs? When an employer looks at your profile, those phrases whisper “stranger danger” at them. There is a high chance that the employer of the job will choose another user that has actually been verified by NearJobs because the employer feels that it is the safest choice.

What does verification of your profile mean on this large odd jobs marketplace? It means that the big bosses of NearJobs Inc. have personally reviewed your profile, including your social media connections, phone number, and photo ID. These factors are all important in completing your profile, and getting assigned to those jobs more frequently.

The specialties you choose is another factor. By selecting your skills and your job capabilities such as babysitting, car fixing, or errand running, other people who are looking for people specifically with those skills will see you first! Plus, if you don’t select any from the list, you miss out on getting notifications when a job in that category gets posted (and you miss out on getting hired and getting that cash).

By completing your profile to 100%, not only will employers trust you enough to hire you, but you also get closer to becoming a NearJobs Gold Member. Its a win-win situation for both you and the job posters. You get hired more often and they get their job done by the right person: You.

Here is a step-by-step process to break it all down for you.

(Start by clicking on your profile picture on top of the left slider to get to your account)

  1. Upload a profile picture (So users know who they’re talking to)IMG_8261
  2. Click on the “Profile” tab. Write a brief statement that best describes you (So users see that you care)
  3. Select your specialties (So you can be notified with the right type of jobs)IMG_8260
  4. Click on the “Verify” tab. Connect to social medias: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (So users know that you are active in the community). By clicking on the icons to the left of each field it connects you automatically.
  5. Upload your photo ID.  (Being verified by ID means that users will know that you can be trusted):  This will only be seen by the company’s trusted team if you chose the second option in the list, and will not be released to any outside parties. You can allow job posters who have assigned to you a job to see that ID as well if you choose the first option. Thus, it only takes you to upload a photo ID such as a student ID, driver’s license or any thing that allows our team to clearly see your picture, name and being able to identify you.IMG_8257
  6. Verify your phone number (So that users will know that you are both real and safe): Enter your cell phone number and hit save. You will get a message which gives you a code to enter in the app immediately. Your phone number will not be provided to any outside parties and only seen by the trusted NearJobs team.


After completing all of these steps, you will be guaranteed a higher chance of landing more jobs within NearJobs! Having a 100% completed profile means that NearJobs can verify your account and users will be able to trust you more as an individual.

Being verified = More jobs for you among all other workers = More money = Positive reviews = Gold Membership

Happy job hunting!

- NearJobs Team