Surprise your Significant Other

We have all seen those cheesy, romantic movie scenes where the man surprises his lady with a beautiful bouquet of roses at work, causing the whole office to act jealous, and wishing that they were in her place. But for those who don’t have time or feel a little anxious, why not shift the paradigm and do it in a totally new way? Find a trusted neighbor to deliver the surprise (lets say a bunch of fresh red roses) for you. Imagine the joy on her face! Even if you’re busy and don’t have time to hand the flowers yourself, find that trusted nearby individual  who has time to do it for you. As simple as that, period! Just go on an online local marketplace and list what you want done, indicate the type of flowers or gifts that must be delivered, the amount, the delivery place, and before you know it, your special somebody will be swimming in a sea of flowers and love.

Surprise your Mother

If you’re not the type of person that enjoys showering your significant other with gifts, how about surprising them with completing a task that they need done, by already having it done for them? Did you happen to forget mother’s day and feel horrible about it, or maybe this will be a good idea for the next special holiday that requires celebration and gratitude; hire a gardener or a landscaper using the sharing economy, and have them beautify your mothers residence before she even realizes it. Imagine the look of astonishment on your mother’s face as she walks outside to a luscious wonderland of flowers that is now her garden.

Surprise your Children

Or maybe you want to show your kids how much you love them by throwing them the biggest and best birthday party ever, but you don’t have the time or resources to plan it yourself. Here’s an idea: Just post what kind of party you want, at which location, and list the specifics. Get a party planner, a caterer, a magician, and even a bouncy castle! Once you find someone to accept the task, then you’re good to go. All you have to do is show up at the planned place with your child and give them a great surprise for their special day.