There is numerous reason why you may be considering running and managing an Instagram account in Spanish, It may be your personal account in Spanish, your company’s account for Spanish speaking audience or even one of your test smokes to see whether you should expand to Spanish audience or not. If there are any other reasons let us know in the comment section and we would love to add them to the next editions!

We will go over some of the questions you may be facing at first:

1- How should I do it?

There are 2 main ways known to Instagram geeks out there: Manual and Automatic

What is the manual way?

Well you choose your target audience, maybe you have a competitor who’s doing fine in their Instagram and has a good follower number, you go out there, follow them, like some of their posts, put up a comment in their photos and do this 24/7 and hope that your seeds grow and you can harvest them.

Automatic, you say?

It’s the same thing as Manual, Just automatic. To automate it, you need to use some kind of a program. The best one that we have been using here is AiGrow. It automates all the stuff we discussed in the manual way and combines it with their professional trained Artificial Intelligence to create the best experience for users looking to grow their account.

They have recently started a dedicated Spanish website to make this easier for Spanish speakers. It makes the whole process much easier for Spanish accounts. Their main competitors being Speedygram and Uparseguidores have been tested against it, and our suggestion here is still AiGrow.

2- Is it worth it?

if you are planning to border your horizons, it’s absolutely worth it. Why? because there are more than 400 million people in the world who their native language is Spanish, so why not?

and of those people, there is an estimated number of 100 million people using Instagram. so yeah, go for it!

3- What tip would you give to starters here?

First things first, you need to know a thing or two about Spanish language. If you only know how to say “Hola”, then it may be time for you to hit the Duolingo!


and don’t rely too much on Google Translate, there are some things that you need to understand in order to not ruin your reputation in those audiences.

4- That’s it?

No, it’s not. Change the language of your Instagram to Spanish, you gotta commit here. Read up on the ways to get followers on Instagram fo free (Gratis – you gotta start learning!), Start it and wait for the results. It’s absolutely worth the effort.