Spring has sprung and the change in season also sees a change in household needs. As students finish classes for the summer, many take to the streets, with lawn mowers in tow, seeking grass to manicure in exchange for a pretty return.

An increase in temperature also means an increase in chores. From weeding and mowing to edging and trimming, homeowners face a mountain of jobs just to keep their yards looking presentable.

Lawn care can be a tall task to pursue, but with the help of local people and community connections, it can all be done with a click of finger.

NearJobs can help you achieve the nicest looking yard on the block without breaking a sweat!

In order to find out what it takes to be a successful neighborhood landscaper, I caught up with a local freelancer who cuts lawns during these warmer months.

Windsor resident and student, Josie Beneteau, walked me through a typical day on the job and revealed the returns that she has seen as a result of her hard work. Her day starts with a once-over of the mower and a top-up of necessary fluids. Josie then starts her tour of the neighborhood, wheeling her machine from location to location taking care of her customers’ lawns.

Although at times battling the creepy crawlies in the lawn can be a challenge, it is seeing her customers’ smiles as a result of her work that makes the job all worth her while.
“It’s great to be able to help people out,” says Beneteau adding, “It’s nice to know that my neighbors who are unable to cut their own lawns can still have nice looking yards.”
She also enjoys being outside; appreciating the warm weather and getting some exercise while making extra money – money which she saves up for special purchases or for he academics.

Josie continues to grow her local freelance lawn cutting business through word of mouth of the many satisfied neighbours, advancing her skills of networking, as well as through her consistent hard work.

So to all homeowners in Southwestern Ontario, as you hang up your snow shovels and dust off your lawn mowers, don’t forget to utilize your neighbourhood labour market with the help of Nearjobs!