Are you looking to make some money on the side, and contribute to academic and medical research in the process? How about getting paid $120/hour? If so, then research participant jobs are for you. It’s an easy way to give away short spurts of your time for quick money. The problem is, finding out how and where to do research participant jobs can be difficult, so here’s a few tips on how to get into the lab and start making money. Search your local university’s campus

One of the surest ways to find out about research participant jobs is by going to your local university and checking around on bulletin boards around campus. Here, you’ll see a wide range of studies being conducted at the university, as well as who they are looking for and how they compensate. While not every participant description will fit you, there are bound to be some out there that do.  There are tons of grad students in various programs looking to help prove or disprove something with your help – and to pay you for your time.  From asthma/allergy studies, to psychological studies, to providing muscle biopsy samples to those Kinesiology graduate students trying to solve the puzzles of human anatomy, there are all kinds of cool opportunities to make money and also help advance science! Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.18.53 PM Check your local university’s website

Like the university’s bulletin board, you can also find out about research participant jobs through the university’s online website. For instance, the IVEY Research Lab Paid Participant Pool at the University of Western Ontario. By searching online, you can search for specific departments that better tailor the research experiments to your own interests. For instance, this paid pscyhology research opportunity at TherUniversity of Texas where you play video games for $20/hour (who doesn’t want to do that..?).

Check your local university hospital

There are even opportunities that exist with your local University Hospital – where specific areas of expertise have a need for participants in research trials and ongoing studies.  For example, at the Gastrointestinal lab @ McMaster University Hospital there is the opportunity to take part in things like “Tube Studies”.  This sounds a little vague but basically what it involves is medical professionals sticking a tube up your nose and feeding it down into your stomach to study the reaction your stomach has to certain foods, chemicals, and types of medication – don’t worry it’s all regulated and very safe and can earn a student up to $3,000 for taking part in a longer termed study where you have the tube up your nose for 24 hours at a time – various times throughout the study.  This same lab has even had “Poop Studies” in the past where they literally pay you to eat their food, sleep in their beds, and to (without getting into too much detail) poop – enough said.  Some have called it their easiest job ever. Look for local medical research opportunities and clinical trials

These are generally a bit riskier than university research but also tend to have higher payouts. Check out your local hospitals (and even craigslist) to see if they are performing any clinical trials. The website KGK Synergize is another great resource for these jobs. Getting paid $3,000 to get the flu? Eating chicken noodle soup and watching Netflix for a week never sounded so good.


Donating bodily fluids

You can make about $50-$65 a week donating plasma, and even more from donating sperm, eggs, or breast milk. The best part about donating is that you’re directly helping those in need, while also making money in the process. Plus, when you donate plasma they give you cookies!

Check out some unique apps

There are apps that exist, such as Nearjobs, that promote unique jobs in your neighborhood – serving as a central location for all the research participant jobs available in your area. Whether it’s graduate students or medical professionals, NearJobs is a good place to both post and search for local research jobs.  There are other apps and websites that also offer similar opportunities – simply perform a basic google search for ‘research participants’ and see what comes up.  Finding an opportunity to get paid for your poop could be just a click away.