I would love to be able to go on a nice vacation, but sometimes travelling is just really hard. With all of the work, kids, and other responsibilities, it can be torublesome to find the time to take a few days or even a week off. Then throw my pets into the mix and everything gets a whole lot more difficult. Having 2 dogs, a cat, and a fish can be really fun, but trying to find a way to look after them, or find a person to take care of them while I’m gone is definitely a stressful task.

It would be so much easier if I had a reliable way of finding a decent and trustworthy person close to my home, who could be able to take care of my pets for me. Finding someone to come feed my fish, walk the dogs, and change the cats litter box for a couple days isn’t really the problem. It’s finding someone who has a high level of responsibility and who can actually take care of them for long periods at a time. Like those times when I can finally scrounge up enough cash to go to Mexico for 10 days. I can’t bring my pets to the resort!

That’s why I am so glad I am a user of the NearJobs App. I can access it right on my iPhone, at the same time as I plan the vacation on the computer. All I need to do is advertise the fact that I need a pet sitter who can take and look after my pets for a set amount of days. That, or I can choose from the variety of pet sitters and caretakers that advertise themselves on the very same platform. I am sorry to leave my pets for a while, but hey, they will be with a trusted worker. HELLO Mexico, GOODBYE dog walking!