Hold up! Have you read Part I yet? Click here to learn how to astonish your friends by hosting outstanding dinner parties, before indulging in this second part of the article.


Alright, so you don’t have time to become the next George Ramsay or invite a local chef into your home. That’s no excuse for never having delicious meals at your dinner parties, and you can still hire some help that won’t take up any of your time.

As mentioned in Part I of this article, the sharing economy is a great resource to use when you need help preparing for your guests. The first step is the same as before; instead of hiring caterers or expensive private chefs, there are a vast amount of locals just waiting for their cooking knowledge and talents to be shared with you. This time, you don’t have to stay in the kitchen with them or have to interact face-to-face with a stranger. Have dishes of your choice be cooked by the people of your choice.

Take it a step further by having plates of hot food delivered right to your door, just before your guests arrive. This strategy is great for people who have more than the typical 9-5 job and rarely have any free time to host “get-togethers” for their friends. Face it, your social life is lacking, and your brain needs a fun break from the heavy work load of your career. With the cooking and delivery of food already out of the way, you don’t have to take time off of work. Now your boss won’t be on your case, and you can still juggle a dinner party!

If your busy career life is not a decision factor when deciding whether or not to cook for your friends, then perhaps it’s the idea of the stress involved with the process. This nervousness that comes with creating top-notch food is a feeling that can be avoided by delivering food from somewhere (or someone) else. But when delivery comes to mind, you think of Chinese-takeout, KFC Chicken bowls, pizza, etc.; not the fanciest or most impressive dinner menu at all. Delivery doesn’t always have to involve a greasy franchise though!

Try impressing your friends by hiring an experienced, local cook to create delicious dishes of your choosing in their own kitchen, not yours, and then have it delivered to you minutes before your guests arrive. The plates will still be steaming hot, and if you’re embarrassed that you didn’t actually cook, your guests don’t have to know any better.

Don’t forget that in order to access this sharing economy, you can use clever apps such as NearJobs to help you find the Master Chef that you need to make your dinner party a success.