Dog Related Chores

“Dogs are a man’s best friend.”

These loving animals have become staples within many households. Dogs are important members of our families, and just like most members of a family, our four legged friends require love, time, and lots of extra work.

With the busy life styles led by many people, pet poop clean up and walking are often the jobs that are left undone between the dogs training and care needs.
Generally, to train a puppy, people have to work with the animal until it is between eight and twelve months old. This long process, along with one to two walks a day, means that there is little time left for cleaning up those doggy turds left in backyards.

During the warm spring and summer months, backyard green space is put to use for entertaining, relaxing, and by your dogs as a bathroom.

One dog alone can mean lots of messy clean up; now imagine that the dog has a doggy play-date,  that means double the clean-up demand.

The messy and tedious task is yet another chore that can be simply outsourced to local hands.
The following steps describe the process of employing a neighborhood worker, with the assistance of Nearjobs marketplace of cleaners, dog walkers and any service your pets need.

First download the Nearjobs application to your smartphone on both the App Store and Google Play.

Next, if it is your first time using the application, then you will have to create an account. This can be easily done by connecting your Facebook or using your email address.

Once you’ve created your Nearjobs account you can list your pet clean-up job on the Instagram-like app. In the post you give your job a title, description, and the price you wanna pay for the task.

Then comes the beauty, invite all matching workers to the job with pressing a button. You can also share your task with friends to Facebook and Twitter to get the job done faster.

Finally you can go back and edit and review the job under the My Posted Jobs tab.

The application also allows you to explore jobs and workers whose work history is right at your fingertips to review, and select the worker that fits your needs.

Outsourcing tasks to local hands has never been so easy! The Nearjobs app offers users a friendly interface that connects you to nearby workers who are ready and waiting to help you complete all sort of odd jobs around your house.