Moving can be quite the hassle; it’s already stressful enough to leave your home and move to a place that you don’t know so well. Now add the stress of the physical part; boxing everything up, making sure that nothing breaks, moving all of the boxes, and not to mention the heavy furniture onto the moving trucks, and then the unloading process, once you arrive at your new place. It’s long, hard, back breaking work that can take a long time if you’re all by yourself or just struggle to lift heavy items. Even if you’re with a group of 2 or 3 people, the big cabinets and drawers can be several hundred pounds.

Better hire a professional, right? Well the way to go about that is
1. DON’T hire a move-it-yourself truck from a big named company.
2. DO look for local people that have big trucks for rent for a fair price!
3. DON’T hire big corporate movers that drain your pockets.
4. DO turn to your neighbours for some strong, sturdy hands, wanting to earn some extra cash!

The best way to find some ‘moving’ help is to get in on the action of sharing economy systems that are easily accessible from your mobile device. With apps such as NearJobs that act as a window into a whole new world of odd jobs, just list your need on the market; communicate how much you will be moving and if there are any really big things, and what size truck you need, as well as what your willing to pay for their services. Once finished, all you have to do is wait for the ping on your phone notifying you that you have gotten an offer, check it out, and choose the person right for you.

On the other hand if you’re a small, local, up-and-coming, or even an established local moving company, then you can advertise your services through this sharing economy too! People will be able to view you and choose you for their moving needs.

Try it now, it’s quick and easy! Even if you’re just a guy with a big van or a small truck and you think you could be of assistance then NearJobs is the place for you.