The most horrible experience

Unlike the vibes around Lufthansa Airline, I as the CEO of two Tech companies in Toronto, Canada would like  to share my recent devastating observations with Lufthansa.

I said to myself and Lufthansa’s staff at the airport while boarding: “I will never ever fly with Lufthansa any more” and I would recommend you NOT to give it a shot either.

1- Don’t buy your ticket online: If you buy a ticket with multiple stop-overs from Lufthansa be prepared for a last minute cancellations with no refund right smack-dab at the check-in where you are ready to receive your boarding pass to fly.

Here is the story: A few days ago, I walked to Lufthansa’s check-in station at Toronto’s Pearson Airport with my $1300 ticket to Tehran with 2 stop-overs. After my passport was scanned I was looked into eyes and told “we just cancelled your legitimate ticket and you need to buy a new one if you wish to fly. Go figure a new ticket yourself ”. It was the most shocking moment in my life while I was prepared to make it to my brother’s wedding. They told me ” your only choice is the next flight which is 27 hours later and you need to buy that ticket again with the associated fees”.

Reason: They told me off in a very rude manner after I challenged them, “it is every passenger’s responsibility to be aware of all countries and unions such as European Union’s legal policies regard visas, stop-overs, transits, and how each of these work regard each and every other nationalities”. This means basically I needed to sit at my computer and check every embassy’s website out to keep myself informed of their policies every day and moment before the purchase of my ticket and also till before the air-plane was going to fly off.

Solution: As a Tech guru and a PhD in engineering, It is obvious that for a software to have these info implemented right into it and gets updated every day to prevent travellers from buying wrong tickets it would take a few lines of codes.

You judge which one is easier and the most reasonable? The web portal informing travellers upon the purchase of a ticket or people reading all the embassies policies as every day.




2- Early Check-ins: If you were already thinking. I was supposed to check-in online 24 hours prior to my flight. Then, I would have figured this out early on. I have to say I always do that and basically there was no warning whatsoever with Lufthansa.

3- Rude Staff and Customer Service: I was offered a conversation with their customer service (Ticketing department) ONLY using my own personal phone and with no help from their staff on ground. Imagine when you are in a foreign country with no phone reception!! What would happen to you and how would you handle this? Luckily I was in my own city and I could use my phone to make a call. However, I was kept on the phone for 35 minutes till they talked with me with some weird difficult to understand accents and kept me again for another 25 minutes to find me another ticket which cost me extra $1800.

4- Lufthansa’s staff aren’t allowed to talk to each other:  This one is super weird. When their customer service (ticket) guy on the phone asked me to put one of the ladies at check-ins on the phone to ask a quick question, she shockingly denied and said “it is against our rules to talk with our own colleagues from customer service”. It absolutely beats me! If you wish to receive such a customer care, go ahead and try Lufthansa.

5- Be ready for getting double dipped: They gave me another ticket which its itinerary had slightest changes and luckily because of Brexit in UK, I was allowed to fly Toronto-London-Frankfort-Tehran, instead of my first ticket which was from Toronto-Munich-Vienna-Tehran. They charged my $1800 for one way change, however, they won’t tell you that they have changed only your first trip and not return ticket. Why? because then they can do the same on the way back to you.

Tip: Thanks to the people of UK who decided to exit EU right 2 months prior to my flight. Now you can see how a small political changes in the world can ruin anyone’s trip with irresponsible and lousy airlines such as Lufthansa.

“Stay informed politically” the customer service lady told me with an annoying laugh. What a customer service is this? She literally yelled at me before that to ask me to stay away from her counter while I was super devastated on the phone with her colleague.

6- They sell cigarettes on board: Not only they try to sell tickets multiple times to you, but also they have a cart full of cigarettes which they offer to passengers to buy during the longer flights. To my surprise that was an amazing way of making money by an Airline, especially for those who care about their passengers’ health and safety supposedly.


7- No damn care is given if you are brown or Middle Eastern: when you are on-board, usually in other airlines the crews take care of everyone equally. That was my mindset and experience till right before I flew out with Lufthansa. Seems there are some traits of World War II left in this company. I had to ask for a cup of tea 5 times before they bring me one or while I was asleep they totally ignored me for dinner!

You can always fly with any airline you wish or is a fit with your budget, but if you are ready for so many unknowns, stresses, and possible ruin of your excitement for getting to your planned destination go for Lufthansa.

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